The Lost Art of the Gigposter

I’m a big fan of good looking band art. Sadly though, unlike other countries, Austria doesn’t really have a culture of well designed concert posters - they’re usually just bold type on bright neon paper stapled to a signpost. So for a long time, collecting and designing covers and gig posters for local bands has been one of my favourite hobbies. I just love when music and design come together like this.

There are some very talented people out there dedicated to poster art. Some of my personal heroes, for example, include DKNG Studios, Olly Moss and Kevin Tong. Go check em out if you have time, they’re all brilliant.

Here are a few of my own works that I made over the years:


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  1. Peyton Seigo
    @mxbck Took a look at the artists you mentioned in this post... wow. Do you have any other recommendations? I especially liked Olly Moss's and Kevin Tong's work…