Max Böck

I’m Max Böck, a front-end web developer and designer based in Vienna, Austria.

I've been building stuff on the web for the last 16 years, working with clients across various countries and industries.

My focus is on creating engaging, accessible & performant interfaces for humans.


I work at Codista, a software studio in Vienna dedicated to creating innovative digital products.


I like writing about web development and design on my blog. My articles have been featured on platforms like CSS-Tricks, Codrops, Hackernews and net magazine.

Please note that I do not allow guest posts or sponsored articles here.


I’m an active member of the web development community and believe in open source culture. I like speaking at conferences and meetups whenever I have time and something interesting to share.

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If you are interested in having me speak at an event, let me know.


When I am not writing code or writing about writing code, I enjoy traveling, trash movies and good poster art. I also know the lyrics to most Rage Against The Machine songs by heart.