I make websites.

Hello, my name is Max

I’m lead front-end developer at Codista, a software studio in Vienna.
I also write about the web on my Blog and on .

Featured Posts

  • The Return of the 90s Web

    Are we ready to revisit some of the ideas of the early web again? There are trends that suggest we might just have come full circle - and I like it.

  • Color Theme Switcher

    Let users customize your website with their favorite color scheme! Your site has a dark mode? That's cute. Mine has ten different themes now, and they're all named after Mario Kart race tracks.

  • The Emergency Website Kit

    In cases of emergency, many organizations need a quick way to publish critical information. But existing (CMS) websites are often unable to handle sudden spikes in traffic.

  • The CSS Mindset

    CSS can be difficult to grasp if you think about it in terms of a "traditional" programming language. There is a certain mindset involved that helps to understand why it works the way it does.