I make websites.

Hello, my name is Max

I’m lead front-end developer at Codista, a software studio in Vienna.
I also write about the web on my Blog and on .

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  • Color Theme Switcher

    Let users customize your website with their favorite color scheme! Your site has a dark mode? That's cute. Mine has ten different themes now, and they're all named after Mario Kart race tracks.

  • The Emergency Website Kit

    In cases of emergency, many organizations need a quick way to publish critical information. But existing (CMS) websites are often unable to handle sudden spikes in traffic.

  • The CSS Mindset

    CSS can be difficult to grasp if you think about it in terms of a "traditional" programming language. There is a certain mindset involved that helps to understand why it works the way it does.

  • Indieweb pt2: Using Webmentions in Eleventy

    How to pull interactions from social media platforms like Twitter back to your own site, using Webmentions, webmention.io and Bridgy.


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