• Jonathan Snook


    Snook is a web designer, developer, writer, speaker, sometimes angel investor, and hobbyist photographer. He writes about many facets of modern front-end development and his blog features interesting posts on a variety of topics.

  • Cathy is a designer from Cheshire in the UK. She designs and builds inclusive services focusing on usability, accessibility and information architecture.

  • Monica Dinculescu


    Monica is an engineer at Google who has previously worked on projects like Chrome and Polymer. Her blog is a very interesting resource for all kinds of stuff, including Machine Learning, Web Components and Emojis.

  • Charlie is a front-end developer and speaker based in Berlin. She is best known for her work with Springer Nature and offending tech-bros on twitter.

  • Remy is a developer running his own business called Left Logic out of Brighton, UK. His blog mostly concentrates on web, code, a touch of business and some personal pieces. Highly Recommended.

  • Michelle Barker


    Michelle is a very talented developer based in the UK. She runs 'CSS In Real Life', a fantastic blog about -you guessed it- CSS. Bookmark it.

  • Heydon is a designer and accessibility consultant based in the UK. He wrote 'Inclusive Design', edits for Smashing Magazine and is an excellent speaker on all things a11y.

  • Jeremy is a web developer, writer and speaker from Minnesota. His blog is an excellent resource on web performance techniques, as well as general best practices for development.

  • Shawn Wang (swyx) is an Infinite Builder, previously working on Developer Experience at Netlify. In his free time he helps people Learn in Public at Egghead.io and /r/reactjs.

  • Tatiana is an American designer who builds inclusive, accessible, and ethical products with thoughtful practices. She's a wonderful speaker on the topic of ethics in technology, which is increasingly important.

  • Matthew Somerville


    Matthew is a programmer based in Birmingham, UK, where he sings, plays, and is guarded by a inquisitive toddler. His case studies on how to make websites smaller and more resilient are brilliant reads.

  • Ire Aderinokun


    Ire is a frontend developer and UI designer from Lagos, Nigeria. Her posts cover a broad range of topics in web development and are an excellent way to keep up with new tech.

  • Sia Karamalegos


    Sia is a freelance web developer, a Women Techmakers ambassador, and a co-organizer for GDG New Orleans. She's also a great speaker on web performance and other topics.

  • Una Kravets


    Una is a developer advocate at Google for their Material Design System. She writes about design and development, including great pieces about CSS, SVG and Service Worker.

  • Sarah Drasner


    Sarah really needs no introduction. She's an expert on SVG, core team member of Vue, award winning speaker and staff writer on CSS-Tricks.

  • Laura is a designer based in Ireland. She wrote the excellent 'Accessibility for Everyone' and is the co-founder of Ind.ie, a nonprofit working towards a better, more ethical web. Her blog is very much worth a read.

  • Ethan wrote the book on responsive web design, but he's also a gifted blogger. His posts cover web culture, technology and life in general.

  • Jeremy is a developer and co-founder of the Brighton-based design studio Clearleft. He's a terrific speaker and has wirtten several books on web development, including 'HTML5 for Web Designers' and 'Going Offline'.

  • Lynn is an artist, designer, and developer. Her blog regularly blows people away with clever and creative uses of CSS. Lots of interesting posts here.

  • Marcus Herrmann


    Marcus is a freelance web developer from Berlin. His blog covers accessibility techniques for modern JavaScript apps, progressive enhancement and the IndieWeb.

  • Sara is a developer who specializes in responsive web design, CSS, progressive enhancement, SVG and accessibility. Topics on her blog range from SVG techniques to general web development.

  • Zach is a web developer working at Netlify. He's currently fixated on web fonts and making the static site generator Eleventy. His blog has interesting posts about a lot of different topics.

  • Matthias is an UI designer and engineer based in Stuttgart. He teaches prototyping and writes about Front-End, Design and the IndieWeb.

  • Michael Scharnagl


    Michael is a front-end developer from Germany. His work is focused on accessibility, progressive enhancement and web performance.

  • Søren Birkemeyer


    Søren is a webdeveloper based in Bonn, Germany. His blog is a great resource for CSS, the IndieWeb and tinkering with Eleventy.

  • Manuel Matuzović


    Manuel is a developer, consultant, speaker and friend from Vienna who specializes in HTML, CSS and accessibility.

  • Cassie is a web developer making things at Greensock, and she also has lots of interesting things to share on her blog and on Codepen. SVG and Animation are her specialties.

  • Veerle is a graphic/web designer from Belgium. Her blog is an invaluable source of insight into her design process, creativity, technology and life.

  • Tobias is a designer, developer and teacher from Stockholm. He's worked for Spotify, Github and Minecraft and has a lot of interesting posts about CSS.

  • Oliver loves good typography. He runs a design studio in Vienna and is a talented writer and speaker. He has some very interesting posts about web fonts.

  • Hidde is a front-end developer from the Netherlands. He specializes in CSS, accessibility and performance, and his blog features excellent posts on these topics.

  • Mina Markham


    Mina is a front-end architect based in Brooklyn, New York. She's responsible for 'Pantsuit', the design system used in Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. Her blog is a great resource on topics like Sass, Typography and Graphic Design.

  • Lisi is a creative developer from Salzburg, blogging about CSS, JavaScript and Interface Design. She's an expert in the field of Web Animation and a lecturer for multimedia technology.

  • Bryan is a Developer based in Memphis and an Advocate for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Static Sites. His blog features posts on CSS Layout, IndieWeb and the JAM Stack.

  • Tantek Çelik


    Tantek is the co-founder of IndieWebCamp and currently works on open web standards at Mozilla. Responsible for many CSS and microformat specs, his blog is an absolute treasure trove of knowledge.

  • Andy is a freelance web designer from the UK trying to make everyone’s experience on the web better. His focus is on progressive enhancement, accessibility and design systems. He writes about CSS, web components and other interesting topics.