Frontend Developer Interview Answers

I recently came across the H5BP’s Frontend Developer Interview Questions. It’s a collection of questions related to building websites, meant for employers to vet potential candidates for a job.

Although I’m currently not looking for a (regular) job, I thought it would be interesting to try and answer as many as possible and see where I stand.

I think when you first start learning about web development, you cover all these basic principles, but once you get better and move on to more advanced problems, you don’t really think about them anymore. So it can’t hurt to revise that stuff every once in a while, right?

There’s questions on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and general programming knowledge.
It was an interesting exercise because it got me thinking a lot about these fundamentals. If you’re interested, I published my answers on github.

Of course, some of these questions depend strongly on the context, and some are deliberately phrased to provoke a discussion. It’s a lot of questions, and I didn’t want to write a novel there (since, again, this was just for my own curiosity).

So my answers are far from perfect and in some cases barely scratch the surface of a topic. But hey, I’m not on trial here, so calm down 😉

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