Eleventy Résumé Builder

Last week I came across this post by Eric Bailey. In it he describes some of the issues he's seeing with overengineered, inaccessible résumés.

This again addresses the over-reliance on powerful Javascript frameworks like React, even in cases where simple semantic HTML might be better suited for the task.

I’m currently putting my self-isolated weekend time towards side projects, and I thought this could be something I can tackle. So I built something new:

A résumé template

A generated résumé on screen and in print

This is a static micro-site generated by Eleventy that can be used as an online résumé. The output is basically just a simple index.html file.


  • Fully Customizable
  • Semantic HTML
  • Accessible (WCAG AA)
  • Print Styles
  • h-resume Microformat
  • Integrated Spellcheck Linter
  • Self-Contained (no external resources)
  • Search Engine Optimized (meta, JSON-LD)
  • Critical CSS Inlined

You can find the full source code on Github, along with instructions how to set up and customize the project.

Many people are out of work due to the pandemic already, and even more might still lose their jobs as the world is headed towards a massive economic fallout. There is little we can do to stop that, but a tool like this might hopefully be a small help for people to find new work once the situation improves.


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  1. Sami Singh
    extremely nifty!
  2. Manuel Matuzović
    I'm honestly scared by @mxbck because of the high quality content he produces at the moment. First “Emergency Website Kit” and now “Eleventy Résumé Builder” . Chapeau! mxb.dev/blog/emergency… mxb.dev/blog/eleventy-…
  3. Matthias Mees
    Don’t forget Eleventastic. 😬 github.com/maxboeck/eleve…
  4. Manuel Matuzović
    Jesus Christ, what's wrong with him?
  5. Matthias Mees
    As far as I can tell, he’s just very good at this shit. 😬
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  1. Max Böck
    apparently my productivity was held back before by (checks notes) having to interact with other people
  2. Max Böck
  3. Lasha Krikheli
    This is beautiful. Thank you so much! ♥️
  4. Menno van Slooten
    What's everybody's take on including photos in resumés? I'm not a fan as it can only encourage (positive or negative) bias based on looks.
  5. Alexander Six
    Well. Now this is cool.
  6. Jan Kollars
    Thank you @mxbck for this great CV template! It made creating my new CV as enjoyable as possible. mxb.dev/blog/eleventy-…
  7. CSS {IRL}
    Just came across this resumé builder template by @mxbck (powered by @eleven_ty) mxb.dev/blog/eleventy-… I’ve had quite a few people get in touch looking for help with their CV, and this looks like an excellent resource for getting a great-looking and accessible CV online quickly
  8. LukasGrebe
    Ha that link is outdated😃 And its the h-resume microformat (via @mxbck ) mxb.dev/blog/eleventy-…