Sometimes I wonder if any other profession fights as much as developers. You think bakers frequently get into arguments on how everybody “is doing flour wrong”?

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  1. christian oberhamberger
    Who knows what food what look like if there was Stackoverflow for Recipies. Maybe there would be a heated debatte about the ethics of making your customers live forever 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. christian oberhamberger
    ...would look like... don‘t ever let me eat and type about food
  3. Max Böck
    Show BakerNews: Baguettes considered an Anti-Pattern
  4. Björn Ganslandt
    Twitter brings out the worst in any profession – the perpetual discussions on whether a hotdog is a sandwich are nearly as bad as css-in-js threads
  5. Max Böck
    Jesus I wasn't even aware of that! 😂 I wish people had such vocal opinions about topics that actually matter.
  6. Harald Atteneder 🇬🇧
    My partner is a baker. They definitely do!
  7. Max Böck
    😅 ok my bad
  8. Harald Atteneder 🇬🇧
    Their CSS-in-JS discussion is about milling, hydration, proving times, water temperatures, heritage grain or population wheats. Just to name a few ;) But then again they could also use ready made baking mixes (No complex tooling, just FTP 😉)