Sometimes I wonder if any other profession fights as much as developers. You think bakers frequently get into arguments on how everybody “is doing flour wrong”?

  1. christian oberhamberger
    Who knows what food what look like if there was Stackoverflow for Recipies. Maybe there would be a heated debatte about the ethics of making your customers live forever 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. christian oberhamberger
    ...would look like... don‘t ever let me eat and type about food
  3. Max Böck
    Show BakerNews: Baguettes considered an Anti-Pattern
  4. Björn Ganslandt
    Twitter brings out the worst in any profession – the perpetual discussions on whether a hotdog is a sandwich are nearly as bad as css-in-js threads
  5. Max Böck
    Jesus I wasn't even aware of that! 😂 I wish people had such vocal opinions about topics that actually matter.
  6. Harald Atteneder 🇬🇧
    My partner is a baker. They definitely do!
  7. Max Böck
    😅 ok my bad
  8. Harald Atteneder 🇬🇧
    Their CSS-in-JS discussion is about milling, hydration, proving times, water temperatures, heritage grain or population wheats. Just to name a few ;) But then again they could also use ready made baking mixes (No complex tooling, just FTP 😉)