I did some housekeeping over the holidays and ported my website to Eleventy! The previous version was based on Jekyll - which is fine but got a bit slow, and since I don’t know Ruby, the generator was always a bit of a mystery to me. Eleventy runs on node / Javascript, so I have more control over whats going on.

I have also switched to Netlify for hosting - it’s super developer friendly and makes a lot of difficult tasks just work out of the box. Loving it so far!

I have some ideas for the notes section, the webmentions and a few other #indieweb features I’d like to explore, but for now I’m pretty happy with how the site turned out.

As always, the source code is public on Github, if anyone is interested in the specifics. 😉

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  1. Marcus Herrmann
    Great site! Love the neat minimalism. Could you tell more about your Notes/Twitter workflow, how and if you automated it? Src suggests it's a manual process, but I wanted to ask anyway ;)
  2. Max Böck
    You got it! Planning a post about that once I get it working ;)
  3. Max Böck
    @philhawksworth any advice on syndicating notes to twitter? I thought maybe netlify webhooks / lamda functions could be useful for this...
  4. Markus Chmelar
    Same procedure as last year?
  5. Max Böck
    Same procedure as every year, james
  6. Zach Leatherman
    Wow finally had a chance to check this out and it looks incredible Max! I need something like this on my site:
  7. Max Böck
    Thanks so much zach! I'm still experimenting with webmention support - not 100% there yet. But I love how 11ty lets me pull in external data on build for that 👍